Lucky Gallery Presents “Esprit de Corps” part of Month of Performance Art – Berlin

“Esprit de Corps” is a series of events to promote, encourage and motivate all ages to become physically active as a means to participate in Art. These participatory events include various open experiments in gathering, interactive behavior, field design, sound tracking and accoutrement. New sport is created with various paraphernalia: its uniforms, instruments, anthems, awards and opening ceremonies.

“Esprit de Corps” is a gift to the people of Berlin by “E.T.”, a temporary collective of seven multidisciplinary artists who have united forces ‘to take over the art scene’ in Berlin for a short moment of time. The members of E.T. are Øh1Øm1ke (NYC), Yannis Angelopoulos (Berlin), Laura Arena (NYC), Bittertang (NYC and Guadalajara), Stephanie Homa (London), TJ Hospodar (NYC), and Tina Schott (Antwerp).

The opening ceremony will include various performances, ceremonies and programs will be handed out listing “Esprit de Corps” events, happening at various times and locations throughout the city of Berlin.

Opening Ceremony of “Esprit de Corps” will commence at 7pm on May 18th at Okazi Gallery. All the people of Berlin are encouraged to attend and participate. Okazi Gallery will be headquarters for “Esprit de Corps” located at Türrschmidtstr 18, 10317 Berlin, Germany. For more information visit http://okazigallery.

For up-to-date information, schedule and locations for “Esprit de Corps” please visit

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