Lucky Gallery Welcomes Ana Bogdanovic

Ana Bogdanovic

Ana Bogdanovic

Ana Bogdanovic is a young art historian from Belgrade, Serbia, with a thesis on the Visualisation of the Identity in German Romanticism and she has a diploma in the Art History on the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, Serbia 2008. During this time, Ana also attended the Free University in Berlin, Germany and the Weimar Summer Academy, in Weimar, Germany. Ana is currently enrolled in the MA-Studies in Art History and the History of Image at the Art History Department of the Humboldt University in Berlin, soon becoming a student-assistant at the Department for East-European Art History at the same University.

Her field of research is early modern and modern West-European Art as well as the Perception and Identity of the Work of Art and the Relationship between the Beholder and the Work of Art.

In Spring 2010 Ana is doing an internship at the National Gallery in Berlin, but at the time looking forward to working in the Lucky Gallery in New York. Ana will be the assistant director at Lucky Gallery this summer.

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