Lucky Gallery Welcomes Amy Weng

Amy Weng

Amy Weng

Lucky Gallery welcomes Amy Weng, who was born and raised in the beloved state of New Jersey. She had a happy childhood filled with creativity and imagination, setting her ambitions high on the path of becoming a unicorn when she grew up. When that career option proved to be impossible she chose to dedicate herself to the world of Art.

Amy experimented with many mediums like animation, painting, sculpture, dance, theatre, and music, but found a special interest and connection with photography. Amy had a little camera, whose body was black as coal. And everywhere that Amy went, the camera was sure to go. She practiced and played with photography for seven years. Nowadays, Amy is constantly surrounding herself with creative energy; eager to share artistic ideas, construct intriguing objects, and collaborate in engaging performances. She hopes to ignite communication between the community and the Art.

Amy graduated from Purchase College with a B.A. in Art History; and minoring in photography, she spent most of her time in the photo lab and darkroom. Amy currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her cameras.

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