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“Nighttime is for Dreaming” Performance and Artist Reception, October 10, 7-10 PM

“Nighttime is for Dreaming” a collaborative installation of light, sound, imagery and text, from New York artists’ Christoper Coggiano and Alix Sorrell and New Jersey based artists’ Ralph Maratta and “War of the Lightning Bugs”.

Coggiano’s light installations of wire and handmade paper are brilliant colors of organic shapes, pulling spontaneously from his subconscious mind. His whimsical and playful creations bring warmth to your inner child and feed your imagination as if you have just woken from a fantastic dream.

Maratta’s imagery in “Big Dreams” is inspired by the idea that humankind shares a bank of common images; “archetypes” or symbols in the collective or “universal unconscious” as described by the psychologist Carl Jung. Such symbols and themes common to mankind can be found in religion, mythology, fables and folklore. Maratta explores this common imagery in his most recent work.

Sorrell is collaborating with Maratta, interpreting his text and visually displaying it within context of the installation in the gallery.

“War of the Lightning Bugs” is providing an evolving experiment in spontaneous sound inspired by the repetition of each passing day, the aggressive tension of congested roadways, the peaceful dreaming of free time and the happiness of coming home on a Friday night. The soundtrack is a reaction to the imagery and themes of the photos and is used as a mechanism for triggering universal ideas and emotions.

Food and drink will be provided.

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“Build Your Own Shoebox Theater” Workshop Photos

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“Build Your Own Shoebox Theater” Workshop, Sept 20, 2-4 pm

Traditional Theater Peep Box

Hannah Kasper will be hosting a Lucky Sunday workshop, “Build Your Own Shoebox Theater”, Sept 20, from 2-4 pm. Hannah will discuss her influences, including the history of traditional peep boxes, and of our fascination with the miniature. Hannah will demonstrate how to make a simple shoebox theater out of a cardboard box. Everyone is encouraged to make their own.

A shoe box theater is a box that has a hole cut in one side of it (to view into) and another one cut into the top of it (to allow light to come into the box). Inside of the box is usually a still scene or environment that depicts a picture.When viewed through a peephole, perspective is created and it’s as though you’re looking into a private little world.

Hannah will provide materials but supplies are limited so it’s first come first serve.

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Hannah Kasper, Artist Reception, Sept 12, 6-9

Office of the Infindel

Office of the Infidel

Hannah Kasper is hosting an artist reception at Lucky Gallery Saturday, Sept 12, from 6-9 pm.

Hannah’s series of peephole installations containing small paintings within “shoebox” theaters will be on display. The viewer approaches the peephole on the gallery’s wall and finds a view into a miniature world. The scale of the paintings, which are on blocks of wood, recalls the miniature and childhood, but the scenes depicted are more sinister than nostalgic. One view will depict a scene from a murder mystery. Another will show a room devastated by a natural disaster. The limited access of the peephole encourages each viewer to become a voyeur who completes the picture and imagines the narrative.

Food and drink will be provided.

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ATTRACKTION + STRINGS ATTACHED Artist Reception, Sept 27, 3-6 pm, Puppet Performance 3:30 pm


ATTRACKTION is a rumination on the Missed Connections listings on Craigslist that follows three narratives of individuals through the New York City subway system, as they spot and track objects of their desire. Missed Connections is a public forum where people can post a personal ad expressing a desire to reconnect with someone they saw in their daily travels. Featuring the journeys of a wayfaring minstrel, an imaginative but shy woman, and a helpful purple monster, the show takes the audience with our puppets on a rainy day train ride.

ATTRACKTION is puppet show performed and created by STRINGS ATTACHED, a group of three emerging female artists trained in illustration who love puppetry. Because storytelling is essential to illustration, this group works to bring the narrative aesthetic to a more physical medium. As products of the digital age, they seek to merge technological immediacy with the authenticity of the handmade, by exposing the puppet medium to a modern audience, focusing on shared experiences to engage in cultural dialogue with their peers.

STRINGS ATTACHED is Suzan Choy, Diana Ho, and Jess Ruliffson.

Lucky Sunday event at Lucky Gallery Sept 27, 3-6 pm. ATTRACKTION puppet show performance 3:30 pm.

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“Honey I Shrunk Red Hook” Closing Reception, August 29, 6-10 PM

"Honey I Shrunk Red Hook" Closing ReceptionOn Saturday, August 29, from 6-10 PM, in Lucky Gallery there will be a closing reception for “Honey I Shrunk Red Hook” in which a short film will be projected outside the gallery featuring highlights from the opening, the exhibition and interviews. The photorealistic dolls of Red Hook inhabitants will be given to their rightful owners and there will be live music from local musicians. Food and drink will be provided.

Come and say good bye to the little Red Hook in the big Red Hook and bid farewell to artists Luis Blackaller and Andy Cavatorta.

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Red Hook Tales, August 16, 1-6 PM

"Honey I Shrunk Red Hook" Red Hook TalesOn Sunday, August 16, from 1-6 PM, a small living room will be set up on the sidewalk in front of Lucky Gallery and people will be invited for interviews which will be video taped. The public is invited to share their feelings, memories and stories about Red Hook. A selection of the material collected will be projected outside of Lucky Gallery during the closing reception, August 29 6-10PM.

Come to Lucky Gallery for this special Lucky Sunday event and share your best Red Hook Tale. Food and Drink will be provided.

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“Honey I Shrunk Red Hook” Opening Reception

Lucky Gallery, Luis Blackaller

Lucky Gallery, Luis Blackaller

Saturday, August 8th, from 6-10 PM, Lucky Gallery will be hosting an opening party for the exhibition, “Honey I Shrunk Red Hook”, a public art project and installation by Luis Blackaller and Andy Cavatorta.

Blackaller and Cavatorta will create a cardboard model of the streets surrounding Lucky Gallery, and build a collection of photorealistic dolls representing Red Hook dwellers.

Visitors to the Lucky Gallery will be encouraged to play with the dolls and have the option to have their own doll made. The familiar sites and people everybody knows will be the one’s in the imagination, giving visitors the chance to meet (or even be!) the familiar strangers all around them.

So come on down to the Little Red Hook inside the Big Red Hook and help bring it to life, re-arrange it, tag it up, and fill it with surprises. Bring friends and objects, dreams and fears, and stories only you can tell.

For more information email or visit

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Low-Tech Alternative Photo Techniques Workshop


Daniel Madri, featured artist for Art and Sustainability month at Lucky Gallery, will be hosting Low-Tech Alternative Photo Techniques Workshop at Lucky Gallery on Sunday, July 12, 2-4pm.

This workshop will include techniques to transfer images onto paper, fabric and three dimensional surfaces. It will include Polaroid Transfers using a Polaroid slide printer, Polaroid lifts, cyanotypes, various types of xerox solvent transfers and inkjet lazertran transfers onto paper, glass, and metal. People are encouraged to bring their own images (slides, polaroid, or photocopies), equipment (polaroid cameras loaded with Polaroid 669 film) and materials (watercolor paper, fabric, or 3 dimensions object either ceramic, glass or metal).

Daniel Madri works as a carpenter and general contractor in Boston, MA. He makes furniture and assemblages out of the debris he finds on work sites. Daniel will be featuring pieces that have been inspired by the movie “Jaws” and some furniture.

Lucky Gallery is very excited to have Daniel’s work in the gallery and to have him host this workshop as part of the series of Lucky Sundays.

A suggested donation of $5 would help cover the costs of materials. There will be food and drink at this event.

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Lilian Asterfield is throwing a “Tie” Party


neck kerchief, lilian asterfield, 2009

 lilian asterfield upcycled necktie ascot

Neckties aren’t just for suits any more so bring in your favorite neckties and let Nicole Deponte transform them into a “lilian asterfield”, a one of a kind, upcycled: neck kerchief, triple ruffled neck kerchief or sherlock ascot. Samples of the event designs are available at Take a peak and see which design best fits your foxy style.

“Be bold, be beautiful, be eco-fabulous, be refashioned!”

Nicole Deponte will be hosting her Lucky Sunday, at Lucky Gallery on August 2, 4-6 p.m. Food and drink will be provided.

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