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Lucky Gallery Presents “Anatomically Incorrect”

Anatomically Incorrect

Anatomically Incorrect

From January 16th to February 7th, Lucky Gallery is pleased to present “Anatomically Incorrect,” an on-site collaborative drawing installation by Anastasia Akulinina/Kaerfkrahs, Brian Butler, Downer, Faro, Scott Ferguson, Fish McGill, Maxwell Piersol, Cardon Webb, and Eunjeong Yoo.

These artists who have not worked together before were asked by Laura Arena, the director of Lucky Gallery to work together conceptually within the walls of the Gallery. Arena’s only instructions were to come up with a concept that would connect everyone’s work, through style, medium or content.

The artists chose to focus on anatomy, which is a concrete, organized system, which is in contrast to the chaotic/spontaneous process of this show – the end result leads to figures anatomically incorrect.

“Art has helped me to figure out answers to questions, I have,” says Scott Ferguson. “Although usually these answers are still vague or ambiguous, and to another person may seem anatomically incorrect, art collaboration helps me to get closer to answers.”

Each artist will work directly on the gallery wall, creating a visual conversation; the alchemy of characters, text, and pattern will affect how the mural expands as each artist works responsively to the other. Each artist also created an original art work associated with the exhibition, which is on sale at the gallery for the duration of the show. There is an limited edition of 10, and each work is 11 x 17″.

The idea of this process is taken from the surrealist game, “the exquisite corpse,” a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence – combining various aesthetics. For this exhibition this process should reveal something “anatomically incorrect”.

Featured Artist Works for Sale

Anastasia Akulinina/Kaerfkrahs

Fish McGill


Eunjeong Yoo


Scott Ferguson

Brian Butler

For sale inquiries email

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“Made in Red Hook”

Lucky Gallery is looking for artists that reside in Red Hook or have a studio in Red Hook to participate in an upcoming exhibition titled “Made in Red Hook.” All Mediums are welcome. Please contact for more information.

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Lucky Gallery Welcomes Amy Weng

Amy Weng

Amy Weng

Lucky Gallery welcomes Amy Weng, who was born and raised in the beloved state of New Jersey. She had a happy childhood filled with creativity and imagination, setting her ambitions high on the path of becoming a unicorn when she grew up. When that career option proved to be impossible she chose to dedicate herself to the world of Art.

Amy experimented with many mediums like animation, painting, sculpture, dance, theatre, and music, but found a special interest and connection with photography. Amy had a little camera, whose body was black as coal. And everywhere that Amy went, the camera was sure to go. She practiced and played with photography for seven years. Nowadays, Amy is constantly surrounding herself with creative energy; eager to share artistic ideas, construct intriguing objects, and collaborate in engaging performances. She hopes to ignite communication between the community and the Art.

Amy graduated from Purchase College with a B.A. in Art History; and minoring in photography, she spent most of her time in the photo lab and darkroom. Amy currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her cameras.

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Lucky Gallery Presents “Wearing Whitman’s Words; A Typographic Exploration” Exhibition

Justin Thomas Kay

Justin Thomas Kay

From December 5th to January 10th, Lucky Gallery is pleased to present “Wearing Whitman’s Words; A Typographic Exploration.” Featuring new works created specifically for this show by; Friends of Type, Jennifer Heuer, Jessica Hische, Justin Thomas Kay, Pablo A. Medina, Ed Nacional, Meg Paradise, Pillow Fort, and Travis Simon.

These designers were asked to make selections from Leaves of Grass to visually explore letter forms. The designed words will be displayed on the front of t-shirts with the selected text written on the back in a font consistent across each of the shirts. This contrast will highlight how the shape of letters can add meaning to the words we read.

The visual form of words is one of the largest influences of design on our everyday world. In this show, t-shirts are used for their value as common objects and as a vehicle for personal expression. The individualist attitude portrayed in Walt Whitman’s poetry shares the spirit that designers bring to the letters they create. Everyone attending the opening will be given a free shirt, extending the show beyond the gallery walls.

“The idea for this show is to introduce design to a new audience through typography in a way that is accessible and fun, while showcasing exciting new work to the design community,” says Ben Peterson, the guest curator for the exhibition.

This show is supported by generous donations from Monotype Imaging and Portal Porfavor.

The typefaces featured in this show are Slate, a versatile humanist/grotesque sans serif and Egyptian Slate, its slab serif counterpart. Both typefaces were designed by Rod McDonald, the award-winning typeface designer and lettering artist and are available from Monotype Imaging.

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Lucky Gallery Welcomes Michael Gutowski, Assistant Director


Michael Gutowski, is born and raised in the deep deep suburbs of Chicago, IL. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wonderful Maine Coon, Milo. He received a BFA in Photography from SVA in 2008 and has an undying passion for Arts in all forms. In his free time, he take photos of women and ask them to tell him a significant story about their lives. He also immerses himself in other arts such as drawing and music.

Michael is currently in the midst of starting a non-profit called, The Visionary Trust. His goal through starting this organization is to meet as many talented Artists and create a community in which Artists can feel comfortable to produce Artwork that is meaningful to each. He also wants to promote and support Artists that have the talent, but need the help to produce great work. He is secretly in love with robots and draws them everywhere. If Michael could accomplish one thing in his lifetime it would be to time-travel back to when dinosaurs lived to wrangle pterodactyls for his dinosaur ranch!

Lucky Gallery is very lucky to have Michael as an assitant director and will do everything in its power to assist him with his time machine traveling.

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Lucky Gallery Presents “Nighttime is for Dreaming” Exhibition

“Nighttime is for Dreaming” Exhibition
Brooklyn-area art gallery will feature light installations by Christopher Coggiano, photographs by Ralph Maratta, painting by Alix Sorrell, and sound by “War of the Lightning Bugs”

From October 9th to October 31st, Lucky Gallery will present “Nighttime is for Dreaming” a collaborative installation of light, sound, imagery and text, from New York artists’ Christoper Coggiano and Alix Sorrell and New Jersey based artists’ Ralph Maratta and “War of the Lightning Bugs”.

Coggiano’s light installations of wire and handmade paper are brilliant colors of organic shapes, pulling spontaneously from his subconscious mind. His whimsical and playful creations bring warmth to your inner child and feed your imagination as if you have just woken from a fantastic dream.

Maratta’s imagery in “Big Dreams” is inspired by the idea that humankind shares a bank of common images; “archetypes” or symbols in the collective or “universal unconscious” as described by the psychologist Carl Jung. Such symbols and themes common to mankind can be found in religion, mythology, fables and folklore. Maratta explores this common imagery in his most recent work.

Sorrell is collaborating with Maratta, interpreting his text and visually displaying it within context of the installation in the gallery.

“War of the Lightning Bugs” is providing an evolving experiment in spontaneous sound inspired by the repetition of each passing day, the aggressive tension of congested roadways, the peaceful dreaming of free time and the happiness of coming home on a Friday night. The soundtrack is a reaction to the imagery and themes of the photos and is used as a mechanism for triggering universal ideas and emotions.

“Nighttime Is for Dreaming.” is collaboration between gallery artists and director Laura Arena of Lucky Gallery.

“The changing of the gallery hours to evening hours, the use of light, spontaneous sound, imagery and text together form a mood associated with nighttime”, says Arena. “Dreaming and the unconscious play a key role in illuminating dormant ideas, just like artists often bring new ideas to the forefront of our minds.”

Christopher Coggiano

Christopher Coggiano

Christoper Coggiano
Born in 1975 and raised in the Appalachian town of Tamaqua Pennsylvania, Christopher has been creating art since he was an imaginative child on the floor scribbling with crayons. He has had several successful solo art shows in Pennsylvania showcasing his paintings, sculptures, and lamps.

In 2002, his cultural political cartoons graced the The Allentown Times, and his sculptural collaboration with Michael Brolly and several other artists was featured in the book, Cabinets of Curiosity and American Craft magazine.

In 2005, Christopher moved to NYC where he works as a fine jeweler. He continues to paint, sculpt, and build lamps and hopes to one day share his art around the world.

Ralph Maratta, Study of Triangles

Ralph Maratta, Study of Triangles

Ralph Maratta
Ralph Maratta studied photography in NYC from 1982 – 1984. Leaving the commercial-art field in 1994, he remained active as an artist, working primarily in black and white photography. His former projects include his travels through Asia, Europe, and North America in which he focused on the comparison and contrast of differing cultures.

Maratta’s current work draws from traditional, black & white photography and digital photographic processes. His photographs have been shown in local and corporate galleries and his work was most recently was featured on and

Alix Sorrell
Alix Sorrell is a Brooklyn based graphic designer originally from Western Massachusetts. She graduated from University of Michigan with a BA in art history and Parson School of Design with a degree in graphic design. She keeps herself busy by painting murals for community gardens in Brooklyn and drawing dirty pictures of her co-workers. Before becoming a designer, she was a sushi chef in Montana.

“War of the Lightning Bugs”
War of the Lightning Bugs is an evolving experiment in spontaneous sound.

The music is inspired by the repetition of each passing day, the aggressive tension of congested roadways, the peaceful dreaming of free time and the happiness of coming home on a Friday night.

War of the Lightning Bugs resides in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Lucky Gallery
Lucky Gallery is located at 176 Richards Street in the heart of Red Hook Brooklyn, New York. Lucky Gallery works with underrepresented and emerging artists looking for a venue to share creativity and ideas in a supportive environment. For information, please contact Laura Arena at

Lucky Gallery Hours: Fri/Sat 7-10 and by appt. only
Lucky Gallery Address: Lucky Gallery, 176 Richards Street, Brooklyn, NY. 11231

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Lucky Gallery Presents “Peephole Mysteries” and “ATTRACKTION”

Lucky Gallery Presents “Peephole Mysteries” and “ATTRACKTION”
Brooklyn-area art gallery will feature peephole installations by Hannah Kasper, a puppet-performance and art by STRINGS ATTACHED (Suzan Choy, Diana Ho, and Jess Ruliffson)

From September 12th to October 4th, Lucky Gallery will present “Peephole Mysteries” peephole installations by Hannah Kasper and a puppet-performance “ATTRACKTION” and art by STRINGS ATTACHED, a group of three artists, Suzan Choy, Diana Ho, and Jess Ruliffson.

Hannah Kasper

Hannah Kasper

Kasper’s “Peephole Mysteries” is a series of small paintings within shoebox theaters. The viewer approaches the peephole on the gallery’s wall and finds a view into a miniature world. The scale of the paintings, which are on blocks of wood, recalls the miniature and childhood, but the scenes depicted are more sinister than nostalgic. One view will depict a scene from a murder mystery. Another will show a room devastated by a natural disaster. The limited access of the peephole encourages each viewer to become a voyeur who completes the picture and imagines the narrative.

“When looking at images of interiors, it is hard to avoid comparing them to real rooms we have known, or to project ourselves into them and imagine how we might feel in their environment,” says Kasper. “For me it is similar to the sense of escapism one encounters when absorbed in a film or novel. I find images of vacant rooms and objects that reflect on memory and absence intriguing because they create a stage for the viewer’s thoughts.”



STRINGS ATTACHED, “ATTRACKTION” is rumination on the Missed Connections listing on Craiglist that follows three narratives of individuals through the New York City subway system, as they spot and track objects of their desire. Featuring the journeys of a wayfaring minstrel, an imaginative but shy woman, and a helpful purple monster, the show takes the audience with our puppets on a rainy day train ride.

Choy, Ho, and Ruliffson will also feature artwork in Lucky Gallery based on the narratives of their performance “ATTRACKTION”. Choy paints intimate portraits on small oval canvases that are simple and bold. Ho uses ink over coffee-stained doilies, because of its accidental nature, creates shapes that have potential to become meaningful imagery. The doilies serve as appropriate frames to these random occurrences of Missed Connections – decorative borders on cheap material, making something seemingly trivial appear to be more special. Ruliffson’s embroidered drawings are a natural fit for Missed Connections, in response to seeing a stranger and then taking note of them and how those details fit into an intimate picture. These details including personal objects are transformed into small appendages that become part of the person.

Exhibition Dates: September 12, 2009 – October 4, 2009
Peephole Mysteries, Hannah Kasper Opening Reception: September 12, 6-9 PM
“Build Your Own Shoebox Theater” Workshop, hosted by Hannah Kasper: September 20, 2-4 PM
Art Reception and ATTRACKTION, Strings Attached (Artists Suzan Choy, Diana Ho, and Jess Ruliffson): September 27, 3-6 PM

Suzan Choy

Suzan Choy

Suzan Choy was born in the Midwest and raised on the East Coast. As a child she had an unconventional and nomadic life traveling from state to state. Now as an adult she is influenced by the exploration of whimsical figures traveling through surreal environments. She also draws inspiration with the art of pattern making, repetition, and story telling. Currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York where she is enjoying summer rains and crisp winters.

Diana Ho

Diana Ho

While New York-based artist Diana Ho is perfectly harmless in person, her artwork has a much darker edge. She often blurs the line between seemingly dichotomous themes, producing a result that can be simultaneously disturbing and amusing. When she is not being a hermit in her studio, you may find her wandering to a puppet show while harmonizing with the song stuck in her head and reading the latest article on neuroscience.

Hannah Kasper
Hannah Kasper was born in New York in 1981. She received her MFA from Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and her BFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and Rome. Her dreamlike paintings of vacant interiors could be taken from the pages of a mystery novel or from scenes of a film after the actors have left the set.

Exhibitions include Artnews Projects in Berlin, Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, EmergeD in Glasgow, GaleriBOX in Iceland, the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, GE World Headquarters in Connecticut and Matter in Brooklyn. She was recently artist-in-residence at the Gil-Society in Akureyri, Iceland. Hannah’s studio is in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Jess Ruliffson

Jess Ruliffson

Jess Ruliffson is a New York-based illustrator. Hailing from the deep south, she has a love for sweet tea and front porches. You can find her whistling on the sidewalks of Astoria, but most of the time she is drawing interesting things and making small messes in her studio, under the close supervision of her cat Pascal.

Lucky Gallery
Lucky Gallery is located at 176 Richards Street in the heart of Red Hook Brooklyn, New York. Lucky Gallery works with underrepresented and emerging artists looking for a venue to share creativity and ideas in a supportive environment. For information, please contact Laura Arena at

Lucky Gallery Hours: Sat/Sun 1-6 and by appt. only
Lucky Gallery Address: Lucky Gallery, 176 Richards Street, Brooklyn, NY. 11231

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How to Take Your Picture for Your Lasercut Doll

"Honey I Shrunk Red Hook"

Are you interested in participating in “Honey I Shrunk Red Hook” but can’t make it to the gallery to meet with the artists Luis Blackaller and Andy Cavatorta. Just follow these simple instructions and just maybe you will find yourself in the little Red Hook in the Big Red Hook at Lucky Gallery.

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Lucky Gallery Presents “Honey I Shrunk Red Hook” Exhibition


Brooklyn-area art gallery will feature an on-site installation and public art project by Luis Blackaller and Andy Cavatorta

From August 8 th to August 30th, Lucky Gallery will present an on-site installation and public art project with several associated community events, “Honey I Shrunk Red Hook”. This is a collaboration between Luis Blackaller and Andy Cavatorta, who aim to start a creative discussion about Red Hook, the inhabitants and folklore. The exhibition will function as a public action, interactive installation and participatory performance. This mission of this project is to bring together a diverse mix of members of the Red Hook community to use art and gallery space as communication devices.

“Red Hook has an air of mystery that I can’t find anywhere else in New York,” explains Blackaller. “It feels somewhat uncharted, perhaps separated as it is from the New York comprehensive subway network. When thinking about making art for Red Hook, I immediately feel like using this art as an excuse to get closer to the people in it, and learn about the place from them hopefully helping them learn from each other in the process.”

Blackaller and Cavatorta will create a cardboard model of the streets surrounding Lucky Gallery, and build a collection of photorealistic dolls representing Red Hook dwellers. Visitors to the Gallery will be encouraged to play with the dolls and have the option to have their own doll made. The familiar sites and people everybody knows will be the one’s in the imagination, giving visitors the chance to meet (or even be!) the familiar strangers all around them.

There are several events associated with “Honey I Shrunk Red Hook” exhibition including an opening reception on Saturday, August 8, from 6-10 PM, in Lucky Gallery. On Sunday, August 16, from 1-6 PM, a small living room set will be set up on the sidewalk in front of Lucky Gallery and people will be invited for interviews which will be video taped expressing their feelings and stories about Red Hook. A selection of the material collected will be shown during the closing event. On Saturday, August 29, from 6-10 PM, in Lucky Gallery there will be a closing reception in which a short film will be projected outside the gallery featuring highlights from the show, interviews and the photorealistic dolls of Red Hook inhabitants will be given to their rightful owners.

Luis Blackaller
Luis Blackaller is an artist from Mexico city with an interest in culture, technology and media. He graduated with honors as a Mathematician in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has worked as a Designer, Art Director and Motion Graphics Artist in the Mexican film industry for 10 years. He recently graduated with a Master of Science Degree at the MIT Media Lab under the mentorship of John Maeda, where he explored online creative social systems and their relationship with artistic expression and communication.

Andy Cavatorta
Andy Cavatorta can’t stop making things: robots, bikes, art, music, software and films. Sometimes the robots make more music, the software makes more art and the bikes shoot movies. He is currently developing musical robots and large-scale performances and installation with Ensemble Robot. Cavatorta is currently a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab.

Lucky Gallery
Lucky Gallery is located at 176 Richards Street in the heart of Red Hook Brooklyn, New York. Lucky Gallery works with underrepresented and emerging artists looking for a venue to share creativity and ideas in a supportive environment. For information, please contact Laura Arena at

Exhibition Dates: August 8, 2009 – August 30, 2009
Opening Reception: August 8, 6-10 PM
Closing Reception: August 29, 6-10 PM
Gallery Hours: Sat/Sun 1-6 and by appt. only
Gallery Address: Lucky Gallery, 176 Richards Street, Brooklyn, NY. 11231

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Lucky Gallery Welcomes Ana Bogdanovic

Ana Bogdanovic

Ana Bogdanovic

Ana Bogdanovic is a young art historian from Belgrade, Serbia, with a thesis on the Visualisation of the Identity in German Romanticism and she has a diploma in the Art History on the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, Serbia 2008. During this time, Ana also attended the Free University in Berlin, Germany and the Weimar Summer Academy, in Weimar, Germany. Ana is currently enrolled in the MA-Studies in Art History and the History of Image at the Art History Department of the Humboldt University in Berlin, soon becoming a student-assistant at the Department for East-European Art History at the same University.

Her field of research is early modern and modern West-European Art as well as the Perception and Identity of the Work of Art and the Relationship between the Beholder and the Work of Art.

In Spring 2010 Ana is doing an internship at the National Gallery in Berlin, but at the time looking forward to working in the Lucky Gallery in New York. Ana will be the assistant director at Lucky Gallery this summer.

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