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Artist in Residence Stephanie Homa

Lucky Gallery is pleased to have Stephanie Homa as an artist in residence. She joins Lucky Gallery resident artists Maria Baraybar and Kathleen Murray.

Homa will be partipating in the upcoming Brooklyn Studio Tour and will be a featured artists in the upcoming Lucky Gallery “Artist in Residence Exhibition” in June.

We welcome Homa from London and look forward to her work and hope the volcano will permit her to get to New York.

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Limited Edition “Get Lucky in Red Hook” Lucky Gallery T-Shirt Available

To celebrate Brooklyn Studio Tour, Lucky Gallery’s one year anniversary, and the “Made in Red Hook” exhibition, we are selling a limited edition “Get Lucky in Red Hook” t-shirts at Lucky Gallery this weekend, designed by Greek artist Giorgos Maraziotis and made by local screen printing company Fleaheart.

There is a limited amount of t-shirts available. Shirts come in slate and ash-white striped on American Apparel t-shirts and are $15 and come in size medium, large and xtra-large.

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Lucky Gallery Presents “Made in Red Hook”

From May 22nd to June 13th, Lucky Gallery is pleased to announce “Made in Red Hook”, a traditional salon exhibition by Red Hook artists Todd von Ammon, Laura Arena, Maria Baraybar, Andy Vernon-Jones, Christina Kelly, Heather Phelps-Lipton, Nate Luce, Rachel Mosler, L. Nichols, Julia Oldham, Anna Ortiz, Joshua Ray Stephens, Eric Taylor, Elizabeth Tomasetti, Tonky and Beriah Wall.

The concept behind the exhibition is to introduce to the public the wide range of artistic capabilities of local artists and to provide an atmosphere to encourage the exchange of ideas between artists and the public. The artists’ production is presented through different mediums including photography, drawing, video, book making, collage, painting, contemporary crafts and sculpture.

“Made in Red Hook” is curated by gallery director and participating artist Laura Arena and Ana Bogdanovic, who plan to transform Lucky Gallery into the traditional setting reminiscent of Salon de Paris, the annual public exhibition of the French Royal Academy in the 18th and 19th that displayed the actual artistic production and presented the city’s most established artists at the time.

Artists’ works will be exhibited floor-to-ceiling and the artists and visitors are invited to spend time in our seating area where there will be literary materials and videos to view.

“The mission of this exhibition is to make Lucky Gallery the center of artistic intellectual conversation in Red Hook”, says Bogdanovic. “Where artists and art spectators can share their artistic sensibilities as well as have insight in the local artist community.”

Exhibition Dates: May 22, 2010 – June 13th, 2010
Opening Reception: May 22, 7-10 PM
Gallery Hours: Sat/Sun 1-6 and by appt. only
Gallery Address: Lucky Gallery, 176 Richards Street, Brooklyn, NY. 11231

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Red Hook & Carroll Gardens 2010 Open Studio Tour

Elizabeth Tomasetti

Lucky Gallery is a proud sponsor and participant in the Red Hook & Carroll Gardens 2010 Open Studio Tour, when artists open up their studios to the public. This is a great opportunity to get an intimate look at this thriving artist community. Meet directly with the creators of photography, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, video, ceramics, glass, installation, paintings, sculpture & etc. in their own working studio environment while enjoying wine and food. Tour maps will be available.

Lucky Gallery participating artists:
Todd von Ammon
Laura Arena
Maria Baraybar
Stephanie Homa
Andy Vernon-Jones
Christina Kelly
Heather Phelps-Lipton
Nate Luce
Rachel Mosler
Kate Murray
Julia Oldham
L. Nichols
Anna Ortiz
Joshua Ray Stephens
Eric Taylor
Elizabeth Tomasetti
Beriah Wall

Saturday, May 22 & Sunday, May 23 from 12PM-6PM

Visit for updates, tour maps and the virtual online tour.

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Lucky Gallery Welcomes Catherine Weaver, Assistant Gallery Director

Catherine Weaver

Lucky Gallery welcomes Catherine Weaver who is a refugee from the corporate zone, an ex-everything designer, having a put her hand to the creation of greeting cards, T-shirts, packaging, look books, websites, and handbags.

Raised in a trailer near a barn on a dirt road outside of Cooperstown, NY., Catherine spent her formative years (from 18 to 40!) chasing the money.

She has finally decided to stop chasing the money, and is now free to start following her heart. We’ll see where it leads.

Lucky for us it led her to Lucky Gallery, just in time to organize “Made in Red Hook” exhibition possibly the largest endeavor we have taken on so far!

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Artists in Residence Maria Baraybar and Kate Murray

Lucky Gallery, Luis Blackaller

Lucky Gallery is pleased to announce Maria Baraybar and Kate Murray – Lucky Gallery artists in residence. Both Maria and Kate are Brooklyn artists who will be calling Lucky Gallery their home away from home. Please give them a warm welcome to Red Hook and Lucky looks forward to working with them in the future months.

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Lucky Gallery Welcomes Alexander Ellis – Event Photographer

Alexander Ellis

Alexander is a recent graduate of the George Washington University, where he was the photo editor of the independent college newspaper, the Hatchet. Here he developed his love and passion for photography and journalism. His favorite photographer is Henri Cartier-Bresson, the father of modern photojournalism.

When he is not shooting for Lucky Gallery, you can find him freelancing in the tri-state area and taking his dog on long walks.

Smile for Alexander at the next Lucky Gallery event (he most likely will be the guy with the biggest camera in the room)!

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Figure Drawing Session, Monday Nights 7:30-10pm

Figure Drawing in Red Hook at The Luggage Factory. Short to long poses in a comfortable, creative environment. Bring a drink or snack to share if you like! Every Monday night 7:30-10pm, 19 Delavan St., studio 2M, $10/person.

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Lucky Gallery Artists in Residence

Pedro Covo

Lucky Gallery is looking for artists to take residence at the gallery space in Red Hook.

+ all amenities
+ 24/Hr Access
+ show opportunities at Lucky Gallery
+ exposure through Lucky Gallery site and other marketing initiatives

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Lucky Gallery Presents “Daily Porn”

Iulia Toacaci

Iulia Toacaci

From Feb 13th to March 6th, Lucky Gallery is pleased to announce “Daily Porn”, a pornographic bonanza of erotic books, collages, drawings, sculpture, and performance by artists Greg Beyer, Will Kurtz, John Lennon, Morgan Miller, Mark Mulroney, Kevin Muth, Hannah Nelson, Tara Sinn, Alix Sorrell, and Iulia Toacaci, exploring the ever-changing role of pornography in the realm of the contemporary art.

No longer confined to the pages of antiquity (Re: Petronius), the erotic has transcended into the world of mainstream media to become a propaganda tool and everyday commodity. Regardless of its highbrow/lowbrow underpinnings, we continue to create, display, question and enjoy images of desire both openly and secretly.

From the surreal eroticism of Salvador Dali to the kitsch eroticism of Jeff Koons, erotic art (in all its forms) has always inflamed public opinion. Even today, our supposed relaxation of the codes of behavior often rings false, as images involving nudity and the erotic are considered provocative, dangerous, and unwelcome in the public sphere.

Curated by gallery director Laura Arena and artist Iulia Toacaci, Daily Porn aims to explore and define what is erotic and titillating to different creative individuals, displaying a diversity of sensibilities and approaches that range from the humorous and raunchy, to the personal and the intimate.

The intent is not to criticize a direction or another, an attitude or a preconceived idea on the existence, the nature, and the social / political and economic implications of sexual imagery. The exhibition is not a re-action to people’s prudeness when it comes to exposure to sexual content and is not actively and consciously trying to educate an audience but reinforce something that everybody already knows, whether they agree with or not, accept it or not, and that sex and its visual representations have been part of our lives for as long as we can discuss consciousness.

To quote Henry Miller “obscenity, like sex, has its natural, rightful place in literature as it does in life”.

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