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Red Hook Recovers / Resources for Donation and Support

Red Hook from kathryn schubert on Vimeo.

I am writing this post from Berlin, where I have been since September. I have a few weeks left before my return to Red Hook, Brooklyn where my home still does not have heat or electricity. I am overwhelmed by the aftermath of Sandy and the devastation and difficulties Red Hook faces in its clean up. I am humbled by the out pour of help but also have had difficulties of my own not being in Red Hook to share in this burden of return to normalcy.

What makes Red Hook so special and sets apart from other Brooklyn neighborhoods is the small businesses. These locally owned businesses not only provide exceptional services but also play a key component in the strength of our community. Lucky Gallery has been supported numerous times through the generosity of local businesses through sponsorship and donations for events and exhibitions.

As a small business owner in Red Hook I know how difficult it is to run a business in our little corner of the world and now this challenge has been increased seventh-fold. These small businesses have been financially hit hard since most are street and basement level localities and have suffered severe water damage as well as financial distress due to closure and lack of resources. If I can’t be there to help rebuild I want at least to provide a list of resources for those who are in close proximity that can lend a helping hand and for those who can’t a way to donate.

Restore Red Hook aims to raise funds to help the small businesses of Red Hook, Brooklyn

Recovery organizing site for Red Hook neighborhood.

Info for volunteers, food and supply donations.

PortSide has set up a Sandy recovery station at 351 Van Brunt Street and offers Sandy recovery info on this site.

Bait & Tackle
Good Fork
Fort Defiance
Red Hook Lobster Pound
Kevin’s Bistro

This list is expanding as needs get reassessed as the clean up continues. As information becomes available I will post on Lucky Gallery Facebook page. For all of those still experiencing difficulties with everyday challenges in Red Hook, my heart and thoughts are with you. In time this disaster will bring an already close-knit community even closer together.


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DUMBO Arts Festival – Call for Artists

Lucky Gallery is looking for artists interested in participating in a mixed media installation in a shipping container for the DUMBO Arts Festival.

We are putting together a proposal and looking for artists whose work is photography based who are interested in the aesthetics of mixing environment and the medium.

Do you incorporate natural materials and or the environment into your process? Are your photographs also objects that reference a moment in time? Are you interested in creating an installation that is not only visual but tactical?

For more information about Dumbo Arts Festival

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Lucky Gallery Presents “Esprit de Corps” part of Month of Performance Art – Berlin

“Esprit de Corps” is a series of events to promote, encourage and motivate all ages to become physically active as a means to participate in Art. These participatory events include various open experiments in gathering, interactive behavior, field design, sound tracking and accoutrement. New sport is created with various paraphernalia: its uniforms, instruments, anthems, awards and opening ceremonies.

“Esprit de Corps” is a gift to the people of Berlin by “E.T.”, a temporary collective of seven multidisciplinary artists who have united forces ‘to take over the art scene’ in Berlin for a short moment of time. The members of E.T. are Øh1Øm1ke (NYC), Yannis Angelopoulos (Berlin), Laura Arena (NYC), Bittertang (NYC and Guadalajara), Stephanie Homa (London), TJ Hospodar (NYC), and Tina Schott (Antwerp).

The opening ceremony will include various performances, ceremonies and programs will be handed out listing “Esprit de Corps” events, happening at various times and locations throughout the city of Berlin.

Opening Ceremony of “Esprit de Corps” will commence at 7pm on May 18th at Okazi Gallery. All the people of Berlin are encouraged to attend and participate. Okazi Gallery will be headquarters for “Esprit de Corps” located at Türrschmidtstr 18, 10317 Berlin, Germany. For more information visit http://okazigallery.

For up-to-date information, schedule and locations for “Esprit de Corps” please visit

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Lucky Gallery Hosts a Pierogi Party

Photo taken by Jaime McGovern

Lucky Gallery and collective members of “E.T.” are hosting a Pierogi Party at 136 Lawrence Street in Downtown Brooklyn, on Saturday, May 12, 2012, 2 – 6pm. “E.T.” is an art collective, formed by Laura Arena, artist and director of Lucky Gallery, comprised of eight multidisciplinary artists from New York City, Berlin, Guadalajara, London, and Antwerp, who have united forces ‘to take over the art scene’ in Berlin, Germany for a short moment of time. “E.T.” will be hosting numerous events in Berlin as part of Performance Month in May. Øh1Øm1ke, TJ Hospodar, and Michael Loverich (Bittertang) are three NYC-based artists from the collective participating in the Pierogi Party. For more information on “E.T.” exhibition read the press release.

“The preparation and cooking of the the pierogi is a collective effort between myself and the artists” say Amy Weng of Lucky Gallery. “The audience experience each participant’s unique interpretation of the pierogi in this performance.”

The Pierogi Party will feature live preparation of handmade fresh pierogi, live music and art, a silent auction of artwork and gifts from local Brooklyn businesses and artists. Øh1Øm1ke, TJ Hospodar, Michael Loverich, and Amy Weng of Lucky Gallery, will each produce fresh pierogi of different fillings at designated stations on site. Meat and vegetarian pierogi will be available for purchase. Music will be provided by Timothy Shipman, Marshall Moran, and Comandante Zero along with other musical guests yet to be announced.

The collective at 136 Lawrence Street has generously opened its doors to us to host the Pierogi Party. This special space emanates creativity and is easily accessible from anywhere in the City. The seven writers, musicians, innovative thinkers, and mind, body & heart healers, who live there cooperatively own and run a bed and breakfast out of their home called 3B. For more information, check out

Please join us on Saturday, May 12 for a day full of festivities from 2-6pm. Tickets can be purchased at the event for samplings from the different pierogi stations. Drinks and food will be available.

All funds raised will help support travel expenses for “E.T.” participating artists to Berlin and gallery support. More information about this exhibition and performances can be found at

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Lucky Gallery and Okazi Gallery Presents the Work of “E.T.”

“E.T.” is a temporary artist collective, formed by artist and curator Laura Arena of Lucky Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. “E.T.” is comprised of six artists who have united forces ‘to take over the art scene’ in Berlin for a short moment of time. “E.T.” will be working on site at Okazi Gallery ( and will be also holding events on behalf of Month of Performance Art, in Berlin. “E.T.” members are multidisciplinary artists residing in New York City, Berlin, Guadalajara, London, and Antwerp.

The root of their collaboration will be in the method of the ‘exquisite corpse’, a technique invented by the Surrealists in the early 1900’s, which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to the composition in a sequence either by following a rule or by being allowed to see the end of what the previous person contributed. “E.T.” uses this process as the starting point for their collaboration, which began several months before arrival to Berlin.

“Through this process of the ‘exquisite corpse’ a large amount of new work will be created between those located in Europe and those in the United States”, says Arena. “This work will encompass all our methods of art making and will mold us into a cohesive unit in preparation for our time in Berlin. The intent is to have these exercises be the framework for our collaboration in Berlin and this process will be demonstrated on the walls of Okazi Gallery.”

“E.T.” is also a participant of Month of Performance Art –Berlin (, a month-long platform dedicated to highlighting, promoting and interconnecting the wealth and diversity of independent, contemporary and experimental performance art practices thriving in Berlin. E.T. is offering “Esprit de Corps”, a series of events to promote, encourage and motivate all ages to become physically active as a means to participate in Art.

“Out of these exquisite corpse exercises and our unification in Berlin, we will be creating a new sport and its various paraphernalia: its uniforms, instruments, anthems, awards and opening ceremonies”, says Michael Loverich, member of Bittertang. “Unlike most sporting events which are organized in advance around commonly understood rules our sports will be created on site, in the context of our temporary and intimate union in Berlin and directed by our new found friendships and interests. It will be an open experiment in gathering, interactive behavior, field design, sound tracking and accoutrement.”

Opening Ceremony of “Esprit de Corps” will commence at 7pm on May 18th at Okazi Gallery. All the people of Berlin are encouraged to attend and participate. The opening ceremony will include various performances and programs will be handed out listing Esprit de Corps events happening at various times throughout Berlin.

Okazi Gallery will be the hub of all the activity by the collective. The exhibition is about the process of this collaboration rather than the work itself. Okazi Gallery is located at Türrschmidtstr. 18, 10317 Berlin, Germany. The opening reception is on May 18th at 6pm and opening ceremony for “Esprit de Corps” is at 7pm.

The members of “E.T.” are Øh1Øm1ke (NYC), Yannis Angelopoulos (Berlin), Laura Arena (NYC), Bittertang (NYC and Guadalajara), Stephanie Homa (London), TJ Hospodar (NYC), and Tina Schott (Antwerp).

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Please Support Lucky Gallery

Please support Lucky Gallery and help us cultivate a nurturing, supportive environment for future exhibitions, performances, and events. We strive to create a dialogue between innovative artists, thinkers, and the local community.

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Lucky Gallery and Ventiko Host “Animamus Art Salon”

Lucky Gallery is extremely excited to work with artist/curator Ventiko in hosting an Animamus Art Salon at the Schoolhouse artist collective at 330 Ellery Street in Brooklyn, on April Fools Day, 2012, 7 – 11pm.

Created by Ventiko in 2011, Animamus provides a safe, supportive environment for artists of all mediums to debut and discuss their current work while encouraging audience participation. These monthly traveling salons create temporary communities where artists can exchange ideas amongst the peers and the public in NYC.

“This is the first time Lucky Gallery is hosting an event outside of its home of Red Hook, Brooklyn,” says Laura Arena, Director of Lucky Gallery. “We are very excited to showcase gallery artists at Ventiko’s Animamus Art Salon with our friends the Schoolhouse in Bushwick because we all share similar passion to provide a supportive venue for artists to share creativity and ideas.”

Animamus Art Salon will feature the work of twelve artists, Karla Carballar, Andy Cavatorta & Mihaeko, TJ Hospodar, Jason Martin, Tessa Mauclere, Kathryn Moise, Mariette Papic, Max Piersol, and Justin Orvis Steimer including a performance by The Push Pops, a radical, queer feminist art collective, and an interactive performance by artist Laura Lee Gulledge.

Animamus Artist Salon this month takes place at the Schoolhouse, originally P.S. 52, a three-story live/work space in Bushwick. It is a venue for a wide variety of musical performances, art exhibitions, photo shoots and film projects and has been a home to artists since 1996.

Please join us on April Fools Day with performances and presentations from 7-11pm. Cost of admission is $10 and drinks will be available. We thank our sponsors Hi! Prosecco and Sixpoint Brewery.

Event Date and Time: Sunday, April 1, 2012, 7-11pm
Location: The Schoolhouse, 330 Ellery Street, Brooklyn, NY.
Event Cost: $10

Karla Carballar
was born in Mexico City. Her work in video, photography and installation has been exhibited in the US, Mexico, Asia and Europe, including Today Art Museum, Beijing; Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art, Bienal de Yucatán, Mexico; and the Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven, a year traveling exhibition around Mexico.

Andy Cavatorta is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the dark territory of human potential that lies just beyond the reach of imagination. Andy has partnered with Ensemble Robot and produced dynamic experimental musical instruments that challenged concepts of musical invention. After studying at MIT’s Media Lab (2008-10) he spent eighteen months in collaboration with Björk and created pendulum-based Gravity Harps, which can be seen and heard in her current residency Biophilia.

TJ Hospodar was born in Ohio and currently resides in New York. His primary passions are photography and performance. He is interested in the norms found within gift economies and hospitality and tourist-versus-neighbor relations. He can be found operating his car service, often free, here in the USA, which he will present during the salon.

Jason Martin works in new media and will present a series under the general title POWER ANIMALS. This work engages species-queer, glamorous, and paganistic animism. With it, he explores power structures, species and gender hybridity, witchcraft, military conflict, rock music, pre-history, and analog electronics through rituals in bright spandex to open portals, utilizing a range of tools from electronics to wrestling holds.

Tessa Mauclere
has lived and worked in New York City for the past three years and accumulates experience in various forms while finding her freedom of artistic expression to be muted by the challenge of survival. Late night collages, illustrations and secret archiving of documents meant to be thrown away become manifestations of what she calls this art of necessity where the lack of inspiration inspires.

Mihaeko is a versatile artist whose work combines the mundane with the poetic. Focusing on intimate aspects of silence and gesture, her work is often imbued with dreamy, lyrical overtones or comedic bits of absurdism that render her pieces at once surreal and profoundly personal.

Kathryn Moise is organized. She has developed a keen sense of evaluating what others need and carefully and efficiently executes solutions to make life easier and will be sharing her advice on how artists can simplify and organize their lives to get stuff done faster and more effectively.

Mariette Papic is a writer and photographer, the author of the chapbook, “Electric Bathtub Psalms” and essays on graffiti and culture, including “The Ache of The Real” (Pantheon Projects). She is a contributor to the Interview Blogazine, and She is an avid dreamer and traveler, exploring new forms of memoir and currency in a sphere inhabited by her alter ego, “Ruby Gold”.

Max Piersol is an artist from Red Hook, Brooklyn who has been working in visual art, film making and acting since 1997. He specializes in stencil work and painting, and is inspired by stoke, living in New York and avoiding schoolwork. Max was in “Anatomically Incorrect”, a street-art based collaborative show at Lucky Gallery, and has also written “A Hairy Situation”, which won several awards in 2009.

Justin Orvis Steimer
continues to explore the process of scribbling on found objects, the tactile nature of which he embraces as a counter balance to the digital world.

The Schoolhouse has been a home to artists since 1996. the building, originally ps 52, was built in 1883 and the energy from over 100 years of existence resonates throughout. the three story live/ work space manages to balance a productive environment with a strong sense of family and community. it has served as a venue for a wide variety of musical performances, art exhibitions, photo shoots and film projects while during most nights of the week the residents gather in the kitchen and cook dinner together.

Lucky Gallery
Lucky Gallery works with underrepresented and emerging artists looking for a venue to share creativity and ideas in a supportive environment. The gallery focuses on the interaction and communication between the artist and community, through performance, workshops, education and opportunity. For more information visit or email

Animamus Art Salon
Drawing its inspiration from the salon format first popularized in 17th Century France, where aristocrats invited thinkers, artists, and writers to their homes to discuss ideas, Animamus Art Salon seeks, in this digital age, to create a physical meeting space that fosters exchange of ideas, facilitate discourse, and creates a sense of community. Salons are held monthly. Artists interested in participating in future salons can propose a presentation/performance by emailing

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