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“Anatomically Incorrect” Closing Party, Feb 6. 6-9pm

Saturday evening, Feb. 6th from 6-9PM, Lucky Gallery is hosting an a closing party for the exhibition “Anatomically Incorrect” which is an an on-site collaborative drawing installation by Anastasia Akulinina/Kaerfkrahs, Brian Butler, Downer, Faro, Scott Ferguson, Fish McGill, Maxwell Piersol, Cardon Webb, and Eunjeong Yoo.

Local Brooklyn-based band, Descender will be performing. Taking their name from an obscure typographic term, Descender is a band made up of four graphic designers. Drawing on influences ranging from early ’90s indie and punk rock to hardcore and new progressive metal, Descender effortlessly fuses together a sound that defies easy classification. Often sidestepping traditional verse/chorus conventions, their songs are short and to the point, but also richly textured. Try to imagine a hint of Sonic Youth’s wall of guitars, Snapcase’s brutal breakdowns and Fugazi’s anthemic energy mixed with Slayer’s unrelenting metal riffs and you’ll have a reference point for Descender.

Over the last year Descender has been making a name for itself playing regularly in NYC-area clubs, basement venues and DIY loft spaces. Lucky Gallery is excited to have them perform along with a live drawing performance from local Red Hook artists, Todd Von Ammon and Nate Luce.

Bring your earplugs and have a drink or two and say good bye to “Anatomically Incorrect”.

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