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“Build Your Own Shoebox Theater” Workshop, Sept 20, 2-4 pm

Traditional Theater Peep Box

Hannah Kasper will be hosting a Lucky Sunday workshop, “Build Your Own Shoebox Theater”, Sept 20, from 2-4 pm. Hannah will discuss her influences, including the history of traditional peep boxes, and of our fascination with the miniature. Hannah will demonstrate how to make a simple shoebox theater out of a cardboard box. Everyone is encouraged to make their own.

A shoe box theater is a box that has a hole cut in one side of it (to view into) and another one cut into the top of it (to allow light to come into the box). Inside of the box is usually a still scene or environment that depicts a picture.When viewed through a peephole, perspective is created and it’s as though you’re looking into a private little world.

Hannah will provide materials but supplies are limited so it’s first come first serve.

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Hannah Kasper, Artist Reception, Sept 12, 6-9

Office of the Infindel

Office of the Infidel

Hannah Kasper is hosting an artist reception at Lucky Gallery Saturday, Sept 12, from 6-9 pm.

Hannah’s series of peephole installations containing small paintings within “shoebox” theaters will be on display. The viewer approaches the peephole on the gallery‚Äôs wall and finds a view into a miniature world. The scale of the paintings, which are on blocks of wood, recalls the miniature and childhood, but the scenes depicted are more sinister than nostalgic. One view will depict a scene from a murder mystery. Another will show a room devastated by a natural disaster. The limited access of the peephole encourages each viewer to become a voyeur who completes the picture and imagines the narrative.

Food and drink will be provided.

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