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Lucky Gallery Presents “Wearing Whitman’s Words; A Typographic Exploration” Exhibition

Justin Thomas Kay

Justin Thomas Kay

From December 5th to January 10th, Lucky Gallery is pleased to present “Wearing Whitman’s Words; A Typographic Exploration.” Featuring new works created specifically for this show by; Friends of Type, Jennifer Heuer, Jessica Hische, Justin Thomas Kay, Pablo A. Medina, Ed Nacional, Meg Paradise, Pillow Fort, and Travis Simon.

These designers were asked to make selections from Leaves of Grass to visually explore letter forms. The designed words will be displayed on the front of t-shirts with the selected text written on the back in a font consistent across each of the shirts. This contrast will highlight how the shape of letters can add meaning to the words we read.

The visual form of words is one of the largest influences of design on our everyday world. In this show, t-shirts are used for their value as common objects and as a vehicle for personal expression. The individualist attitude portrayed in Walt Whitman’s poetry shares the spirit that designers bring to the letters they create. Everyone attending the opening will be given a free shirt, extending the show beyond the gallery walls.

“The idea for this show is to introduce design to a new audience through typography in a way that is accessible and fun, while showcasing exciting new work to the design community,” says Ben Peterson, the guest curator for the exhibition.

This show is supported by generous donations from Monotype Imaging and Portal Porfavor.

The typefaces featured in this show are Slate, a versatile humanist/grotesque sans serif and Egyptian Slate, its slab serif counterpart. Both typefaces were designed by Rod McDonald, the award-winning typeface designer and lettering artist and are available from Monotype Imaging.

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