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Lucky Gallery Presents “Anatomically Incorrect”

Anatomically Incorrect

Anatomically Incorrect

From January 16th to February 7th, Lucky Gallery is pleased to present “Anatomically Incorrect,” an on-site collaborative drawing installation by Anastasia Akulinina/Kaerfkrahs, Brian Butler, Downer, Faro, Scott Ferguson, Fish McGill, Maxwell Piersol, Cardon Webb, and Eunjeong Yoo.

These artists who have not worked together before were asked by Laura Arena, the director of Lucky Gallery to work together conceptually within the walls of the Gallery. Arena’s only instructions were to come up with a concept that would connect everyone’s work, through style, medium or content.

The artists chose to focus on anatomy, which is a concrete, organized system, which is in contrast to the chaotic/spontaneous process of this show – the end result leads to figures anatomically incorrect.

“Art has helped me to figure out answers to questions, I have,” says Scott Ferguson. “Although usually these answers are still vague or ambiguous, and to another person may seem anatomically incorrect, art collaboration helps me to get closer to answers.”

Each artist will work directly on the gallery wall, creating a visual conversation; the alchemy of characters, text, and pattern will affect how the mural expands as each artist works responsively to the other. Each artist also created an original art work associated with the exhibition, which is on sale at the gallery for the duration of the show. There is an limited edition of 10, and each work is 11 x 17″.

The idea of this process is taken from the surrealist game, “the exquisite corpse,” a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence – combining various aesthetics. For this exhibition this process should reveal something “anatomically incorrect”.

Featured Artist Works for Sale

Anastasia Akulinina/Kaerfkrahs

Fish McGill


Eunjeong Yoo


Scott Ferguson

Brian Butler

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